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Meet Silene

Silene is a graduate student at the University of Vermont.  She spends long hours studying.  She has discovered a means to maintain her focus and energy throughout these long hours. 

Silene has shared a video with us describing her experience with ZenDia Matcha.


Video Highlights:

0:05 - Long hours of studying
0:15 - Difficulty finding a good energy/focus aid including coffee
0:25 - Tried regular green tea
0:35 - When I drink ZenDia Matcha
0:45 - Must be careful not to drink too late in the day
0:55 - For anyone who needs to stay mentally alert
1:05 - Matcha is an incredible tool

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my experience with ZenDia Matcha. I am a graduate student currently and I have long hours of studying, especially during an exam week or finals week. And in the past, I haven't had anything to help me stay focused for those long hours because I'm not a coffee drinker.

I've tried drinking coffee and I can't get past the flavor. So I've drunk green tea, but its effects are so minimal that I feel like it's really more of a comfort than an effective tool.

But when I drink ZenDia Matcha, I feel instantly alert and energized, and that lasts for throughout the day. I have to be careful not to drink it later in the day because it will keep my brain going late into the night, which can be helpful at times.

So I think for anyone who needs to stay mentally alert and focused and energized, whether they're a student or an office worker for long hours, matcha is an incredible tool to help you do that and I highly recommend it. Thank you.