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Our Story

ZenDia was born from the intense desire to help others feel healthy and powerful, focused and energetic, better than ever before.  Matcha is an amazing raw whole food that brings incredible benefits to our lives.  Want to have a sharper mind with improved concentration and memory?  Drink some matcha, it will make you smarter.  Struggling to find ways to improve your energy and performance in the cleanest way possible?  Matcha will give you the boost you seek.   At ZenDia, we feel its effects every day by drinking our daily bowl, or two, or three!  

In order to bring you the finest matcha, we have partnered with some of the most mindful artisan farmers and masterful tea makers in Japan.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to be enriched by the goodness of matcha, to thrive everyday, and to feel as healthy, happy, and powerful as you can.

Where Did This Intense Passion Come From?

Image of Ian - Founder, ZenDiaFrom Ian, founder of ZenDia: I have dreamt of being an entrepreneur and running my own company since I was very young.  I discovered matcha during my mom’s fight to survive breast cancer. I feel great passion for matcha, for health, and living a good life. I want to share matcha and these wonderful feelings with anyone who shares these dreams. I have finally reached a point where I feel the strength of character to make it happen.   I have suffered enough to empathize, whether that suffering was caused by myself or others.  I have learned how people interact with the world and what we really need to live fully enriched lives.   I have made a decision to be the best I can possibly be.  I hope you will join me on this journey.  I hope you decide to be the best you can be.   

Read on for an extended version!

I became what one might call a "gym rat" at the age of 15 when I got involved in getting fit, strong and powerful.  I enjoyed heading to the gym with my friends each afternoon to see how much weight I could lift.  I ran and biked to ensure my cardiovascular fitness was top notch. Each day I got stronger and fitter.  I enjoyed feeling strong and capable.  I continued this process during my college years.  I was fit, strong, and healthy.  

As physically capable as I was, I struggled with a nearly constant, pervasive, underlying feeling of melancholy.  To avoid sliding too far, and recognizing a need to develop a strong sense of self that I could rely on, I started walking a path toward enlightenment and self-care. I began studying Buddhist philosophy and taught myself to meditate.  What a difference this made in my life!  

Fast forward some years later.  I was doing regular intense workouts, eating better than ever, and feeling great.  However, everything changed one day when I got into a mountain biking accident which caused a severe shoulder separation.  It was a third degree separation, the worst kind!  All the ligaments holding my shoulder and collar bone together were torn apart.  While it could have been worse, it still caused a complete paradigm shift for me.  I was changed.  The feelings of melancholy returned with great intensity.

The accident left me unable to work out.  Physically recovering from the injury took the better part of a year.  Mental recovery took much longer.  Consequently, I stopped working out altogether, and lost the desire to maintain my mental health.  I began smoking and drinking.  I met a woman who wound up being one of the greatest challenges of my life.  In contrast, she was also one of the best things that ever happened to me because of the personal growth she set in motion.  I would only come to this understanding years later.   It's truly amazing what circumstances can do to a person.  

After eight exhausting years, my spirit totally ran out.  I ended the relationship and spent 15 months recuperating.  Living alone, being alone.  It was wonderful, empowering and life changing.  I slowly returned to my own reality again and decided to move back to my home town, Ithaca NY.  I wanted to rekindle a relationship with my family.  

Shortly before my return to Ithaca, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 61.  She was one of the healthiest people I had known, always eating well and teaching dance aerobics for 30+ years.  All the effort she put into being a healthy person and yet she was to endure two months of aggressive chemotherapy and 36 rounds of radiation treatments.  She began consuming cups of green tea each day, as she had heard it was loaded with bioactive compounds that would help her body fight.  

After a long struggle, her cancer went into remission, so she can say she won the fight.  She is healthy again, retired and back to her normal life.  She truly believes the green tea helped her survive.  She has started consuming matcha instead of steeped green tea because the matcha is 10 times stronger.  Plus she loves the taste and the way it makes her feel.   

At this point in my own life, I have decided to be the healthiest, strongest person I have ever been.  I love matcha and would not give it up for anything.  It does great things for my level of energy, focus and performance.

I have dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur since I was quite young.  I knew for certain that I wanted to help people live full and exciting lives.  I have worked hard to discover and develop my abilities. Finally I feel capable of attempting to realize my entrepreneurial dream, and have started ZenDia.  

I am fully absorbed in creating a better life for myself, one steeped in healthy living, happiness, and love.  I practice yoga and meditate regularly, and am consistently improving my strength and fitness.  I am excited to bring matcha to as many people as I can because it’s so amazing and has helped me and my loved ones so much.  I hope you enjoy our matcha as much as I do!