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An Extraordinary Delight

Matcha History

Matcha has a long and illustrious history. Buddhist monks have been drinking matcha to enhance their meditation practices for many hundreds of years, not just for the rich flavor and texture of matcha, but also for the calm energy matcha creates (not just because it tastes good, but also because it FEELS good).  

Japanese Samurai warriors were known to consume cups of matcha just before the outset of a battle to increase alertness and energy, while being imbued with a sense of calm.  

Today, an ever increasing number of people are discovering its incredible effects on health and happiness.  You too can enrich your life with the myriad benefits of matcha, and feel the calm and alert energy the tea provides.  

Drink a bowl of match everyday for optimal health and a great boost.

The Myriad Benefits

Making Matcha

Other Uses for Matcha

We have been feeling compelled to share other ideas about how you can enjoy matcha beyond the traditional tea ceremony. Below are some examples.  Most of these ideas will incorporate culinary grade matcha as the ceremonial grade is most often reserved for the tea ceremony and is usually quite a bit more expensive.